Becca is a 200RYT Yoga Instructor, and in the middle of her Advanced 500RYT training.  She has found refuge in her practice and has seen some of the most profound shifts in being a student, and now in her own students as a teacher; within the realms of body, mind, and spirit. She believes the journey of yoga and meditation is to go back to who we are, that we are enough, and to eliminate sensory distractions from our most authentic voice and version of ourselves. In addition to the wonderful physical byproducts of this most divine practice, she has also studied extensively the long term beneficial effects of meditation, yoga nidra, and mindfulness has on our brains, and our resiliencies in mental health. 

She loves to guide students into deep meditation, and move through strong asana practices, all whilst bathing in gratitude as the musical vibrations are playing in the background. Becca has been practicing yoga for over 12 years, and feels that there is no more welcoming community than the Yoga community. She began with Iyengar practice, where she was taught the important of alignment and breath, and later found Vinyasa flow.  

As an athlete herself, nurturing the body and eliminating toxins, both mentally and physically is both a passion and lifestyle for her. Practicing yoga on and off the mat is the structure from which she chooses to live, and a reminder that the journey is in the practice. Becca resides locally in Malibu and can be found on the beach in her off time. She works in a field when she’s not teaching on a mat that has adopted Yoga as helpful and needed, and for this she is so grateful to see these ancient practices brought into modern solutions.  She loves to hear stories where attention to self, mindfulness, and healing have been a product of one’s practice.