Elizabeth has been a devoted yoga student since 1997. She began teaching yoga in 2005 in Los Angeles, launching the yoga and meditation program at
Shutters on the Beach & Hotel Casa del Mar hotels in Santa Monica, CA. She is
trained in Sacred Heart Yoga, Integral Yoga Hatha, Vinyasa yoga, Iyengar and
Kundalini yoga with triple digit visits to Hot / Bikram Yoga studios over the years.
As a former athlete,

Elizabeth fell in love with yoga and it’s introduction to a whole new level of embodiment, fitness, and vitality. Rather than grit, effort, and stress, yoga introduced an entirely new dimension to exercise created by (intense) physical exertion fueled by breath, presence, and flow. There was a state of ecstasy and ease that came through listening to the body and merging with it with no arrival point or goal line. In contrast, the teachers guidance was toward self-love and acceptance: meeting oneself on the mat. This proved to be a strong recipe for self-healing. The practice of cultivating a focused, calm mind
linked with movement & challenge seduced Elizabeth and she has never quite
been the same.

Elizabeth has a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology and Masters degrees in
Counseling Psychology and Holistic Human Development. Elizabeth has
designed yoga teacher training curriculum and taught Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle
and Ethics courses. She is also a bodyworker and former spa practitioner and
studied the application of ancient Ayurvedic holisitc healing techniques, a similar
but different aspect of Yoga, the Science of Life.

In addition to yoga, Elizabeth is a CA Registered Psychological Assistant and
local EMDR trauma therapist in private practice. She is an entrepreneur and
champion of the certified B Corp movement, serving on the Board of the local B
Local LA chapter. Elizabeth is the creator of Presence Coaching, a mindfulness
based personal growth and transformation program (www.MODbenefit.com) and
creator of The Yoga Beam, a combination of yoga, dance, pilates, gymnastics –
and whatever else you do and want to do it on a beam – practice. It will take your
game to an entirely new level.